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If you have a routine maintenance issue you may submit it via email                                           or by phone (405) 226-4500.

If you have an emergency plumbing issue you should contact one of the approved plumbers directly. The Association has provided these approved plumbers so that you may address your plumbing issue quickly. The Management Company does not have access to your unit, so they do not call on your behalf.

If you use an approved plumber, they will bill the HOA directly, and then the HOA will determine if there is a reason to chargeback the cost of the service to the unit owner. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE REPLACEMENT OF FIXTURES, LIKE SHOWER FAUCETS, VALVES, TOILETS, OR GARBAGE DISPOSALS. As a unit owner, (or as a tenant in agreement with your unit owner), you may use your own licensed plumber to make necessary repairs. However, you will have to pay for the service call yourself then submit the invoice for reimbursement consideration:

B & K Diagnostics (405) 701-1872

Bob's Plumbing (405) 329-1178

S & S Plumbing 405-314-4771

The tenant or unit owner must be present for plumbers. 

For emergency water extraction you may call Baker Carpet Cleaning - (405) 206-9338

The HOA does not maintain electrical, heat/air conditioning, or appliances or have approved contractors for these services. The Management Company is not authorized to have contractors perform these services on your behalf.

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