1. The Management Company does not provide data related to sales. It is the duty of the parties to disclose and provide all of the necessary information to complete the closing, including:
    a) copies of governance;
    b) rules and regulations;
    c) dues amount, what is covered by dues, when dues are due, and where to pay them;
    d) keys, passes, gate remotes, gate codes, etc.;
    e) insurance certificates;
    After the purchase is completed, the Buyer should have complete knowledge of the Association workings. The Management Company will refer all Buyers back to the Realtors for incomplete information. 

  2. The Management Company will provide the Title Company an HOA Letter of Account and complete necessary lien releases.


  3. You may obtain a certificate of insurance by having your lender contact the insurance company - Universal Insurance Agency (405) 799-3311.

  4. There is no longer a First Right of Refusal.

  5. You can visit the Frequently Asked Questions at:

  6. Repairs on the exterior façade, or ones interpreted by the inspector to be HOA concerns, may not be repaired prior to closing. Refer to the governing documents regarding the HOA’s required maintenance. Maintenance will gladly add your repairs to the Maintenance Checklist and schedule it timely.

  7. You may find the governing documents on the main page for each association.

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